Fibroblast Plasma Lift Therapy

The future of skin care

Tighter Skin — Lasting Results

Fibroblast plasma lift therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that tightens skin like nothing you’ve seen before, with lasting results. Utilizing electrical energy from a probe, held just above the skin, it causes a small electrical arc due to ionization of oxygen and nitrogen in the air. When this takes place, it briefly contacts the skin, stimulating an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres. The result is an instant, visible lifting and tightening of the skin. With 3 – 4 treatments about one month apart, you can achieve very significant lifting, as the effects accumulate with each treatment. Combined with micro-needling, skin is smoothed, lifted and skin tone becomes more even.

For acne sufferers, deep pitted scars and dark pigmentation can be greatly reduced and often completely eliminated. Although the fibroblast treatment cannot be administered to those with active acne, once the skin has been calmed with IPL therapy (photo‑facial), it is the next step in restoring your skin to a healthy and smooth texture. Many clients with acne see dramatic results in the first treatment. Micro‑needling is an excellent combination to reduce the dark pigmentation left behind from acne. Most clients see improvement within three micro‑needling sessions.

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