Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Onyfix Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Anyone who has ever experienced an ingrown or involuted toenail can appreciate the relief of having that nail trimmed out to remove the corners that cause the pain.

Innova Spa offers a non‑surgical treatment for ingrown toenails that is virtually pain free and gradually alters the shape of your nail beds to a flatter, more natural shape while addressing the nail corners that curve down and inward into the tissue on either side of your nail.

The treatment consists of a very tough composite that is fused to the base of the nail where it is flatter. The composite remains on the surface of the nail until it grows out to the free edge, correcting the deformity gradually and relieving the pain more permanently.

Onyfix® Patient Brochure


Description Price
Large toenail correction $80 to $135 per toe
Small toenail correction $75 per toe