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As a result of losing my father to bone cancer, I began to read a lot about cancer: the disease, the treatments, the effects on those left behind. The more I learned, the more avenues of research opened up. One of these avenues was the study of Oncology Aesthetics — how I could help people suffering from the after-effects of this disease and its treatments. I became inspired to move in this direction, to tailor the services I offer in the salon to accommodate cancer patients, survivors and others with immuno-suppressed health conditions.

Gayle Morton

Owner, Innova Spa

Oncology aesthetics is the practice of modifying regular aesthetic services to make them safe and comfortable for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Many studies have been done and clinical trials are taking place in Milan, Italy at the San Rafaelle Hospital, that clearly demonstrate the value of touch therapies, like spa treatments, in enhancing recovery and the psychological health of cancer patients.

The focus of these studies is aimed at the psycho-social effects of cancer on patients, and how being able to look and feel more ‘normal’ enhances their quality of life in terms of lifting depression, improving their immune response to treatments and the farther reaching effects on their families' response/reactions to them and their appearance.

During cancer treatment, patients undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Most patients and survivors experience mild to severe side effects as a result of one or more of the cancer treatments, which may cause limitations on what type of spa, aesthetic or therapeutic salon treatments they may receive. This is where oncology aesthetic training is employed, on a case by case basis, to ensure patient/client safety, comfort and well-being.

I am so happy I have found Gayle ... She is amazing!!! When I am receiving a service from her I feel at ease knowing she has only the highest standards, and can have confidence that she is using proper sterilization techniques. So important to someone living with cancer and suffering the side effects of chemotherapy. She is kind and compassionate, and I am extremely grateful to her.


Client & long-term cancer patient


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