So who out there feels like we are in the desert? I honestly can't remember when Calgary has felt so dry, and our clients agree, wholeheartedly! I myself have been suffering from a few days of laryngitis (lost my voice, made my husband happy!) and the driest, cracked lips on the planet.

Because of the crazy swings up and down in temperatures, our furnaces can't keep up and the result is that everything in our homes and places of business are bone dry. It affects everything. Our pedicure clients have extreme cracking on heels, our nail clients have a lot more issues with artificial nails separating from their own nails, and natural nail clients have more splitting of natural nails. One of the biggest challenges is dried out and dehydrated skin. What if that skin is also immune compromised?

During winter months I tend to have an issue with eczema around my eyes, along my jawline and at the back of my hairline on my neck. The itch of eczema is something that can range from mildly annoying to extremely irritating, so you are constantly scratching. Luckily I'm usually at the mildly annoying level, along with my mom.

I've tried many products over‑the‑counter steroids (.05% cortisone cream), moisturizers for delicate and sensitive skin, with little success. I have had a few things that have lessened the itch for a while, but this January we were introduced to a brand new pair of products from Dermalogica. They have literally changed my life, and they have helped my mom's skin too.

At the launch event for these products I agreed to be the model for the demonstration. I arrived with no makeup, just my moisturizer and eye serum on. The skin around my eyes was itchy and kind of red from rubbing it, and I hoped that these new products were going to make a difference. I was very pleasantly surprised when the Barrier Defense Booster was applied and the itch almost immediately subsided. Then came the Calm Water Gel, which felt like the biggest drink of water on my skin. I have oily, sensitive skin, so rich moisturizers are often too heavy and I feel like my skin is suffocating. The oil, however, is what helps to prevent dehydration and that calms the itch.

Somehow, Dermalogica has figured out how to create products with light, natural, plant derived oils that don’t feel too heavy and they penetrate the skin. Within a couple of minutes the oils and actives of Barrier Defense Booster are almost gone, leaving skin feeling different and good. Then the Calm Water Gel moisturizer is applied leaving you with the most hydrated, comfortable feeling. I don’t know how else to describe it.

If you, or someone you know suffers with itchy, irritated skin, these products definitely deserve a good look and are worth a try! I felt a change in one application. How many products give you results like that?

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